Adventure Awaits!!

28 November 2020 By jude20 0

Welcome to my website!!

Thank you for joining me on my adventure, and my first blog post!

This year has been crazy so I think I’ll dive right in and tell you a bit about myself. I’m based in Belfast and I have an awesome husband and 3 amazing kids!

I love everything arts and crafts related and am always learning new skills. Creating beautiful things is good for the soul and something I love to do! Having other people appreciate them is just the icing on the cake!

My goal is to make arts and crafts accessible to all ages and abilities. Taking some me-time to create, is so beneficial for learning new skills and reducing stress levels. To help me do this I’m always undertaking training to help me make my workshops more accessible. I have undertaken a lot of training within the field of autism, something that’s very close to my heart. I’ve worked with so many groups over the years from the Children’s Hospice, Caring Breaks, the Children’s Hospital, the Alzheimer’s Society, NAS Newtownards, Children’s Heartbeat Trust, Banardos, CAP, Nursing homes, Community Groups, Charities and so many more!

I hope you like the new website and arts and crafts shop and that you enjoy following me on my many adventures! Here’s a little discount code JUDECREATES10 for making it this through my first blog!

This has been quite a year with a pandemic which has brought so many changes and stressors. Hopefully I can help you to get a bit of me-time, some new skills or at the very least a beautiful piece of hand crafted art made by yours truly to admire!

Thanks for all your support, stay safe