Dream a little dream …..

22 April 2021 By jude20 0

It takes a giant leap of faith to be an artist, to believe in yourself enough to follow your heart, to dream a little dream and make it come true! To put yourself and your art out there for all to see. Every click on my site, every like of a post, every kind comment , share or purchase makes such a difference and I really appreciate all your support.

Hand sculpted ukelele player

As you have probably realised by now though, I love to get creative, it is my happy place! Creativity is good for the soul, it brings a little joy to everyone, something that is so desperately needed in the world today. As Albert Einstein once said “Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no-one else has ever thought!” There is no truer a statement when it comes to art, especially the bespoke figurines I sculpt!

Hand sculpted special pet

I love nothing more than when a customer gets in touch with an idea they have had for a creation! The collaboration between myself and my customer to bring an idea into reality gives me such a buzz. Over the years I have sculpted many, many figurines all sparked from a ‘customers crazy idea’ …..their words not mine! To be trusted to create something that represents a hobby or career, that marks a specific occasion or that is a special remind of a loved one is no mean feat.

Hand sculpted figurine

All of my figurines are hand sculpted using the light weight air drying polymer clay I stock on my website. Each is a one of a kind art piece created right here in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have a selection of figurines available to purchase on my website now or I can create something extra special, just for you! All you have to do is get in touch to get the ball rolling!

Made to order hand sculpted figurine

So if you are you looking for that special something? A one of a kind gift? Not available anywhere else and would like to support a local artist? Need some inspiration, check out my Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest for some ideas!

I look forward to hearing from you, who knows where your crazy ideas will take us!!