Feel the Bern!

27 January 2021 By jude20 0
Bernies mittens

As the 46th President of the United States was sworn in all eyes were firmly fixed on a politician from Vermont! He was dressed in an over-sized parka jacket and some very eye catching mittens!!! Slumped in his chair he stole the limelight from the new president choosing comfort and warmth over the more formal wear one would expect at an inauguration!

Who knew a pair of handcrafted mittens would become so famous!!! Bernie and his mittens have become an internet sensation with the image of him with his mittens being made into memes worldwide!! Just another reason to support small businesses and support local artists, you never know it could make you go viral too!

Not to be outdone, I rose to the challenge and immortalised Bernie and those mittens into a clay figurine! I love a challenge and making Bernie in those mittens was a must for this Belfast artist! So, if you have a photo and you would like it created into a clay figurine – get in touch I’m happy to help! Check out this blog post for more examples of my work!