Summer Holidays are here, lets get creative!

7 July 2021 By jude20 0
Rainbow made from coloured card and cotton wool

Summer holidays are here, lets get creative with some kids arts and crafts activities! I mean how else are we going to survive the school holidays? The kids can’t have screen time for the entire summer …can they??

Whether the thought of the summer holidays fills you with dread or glee we are all in the same boat! With two months of the kids at home, we are definitely going to need some activities to keep us sane! Following over a year of lockdowns and restrictions this is going to be exhausting even for the most seasoned of parents! Especially if you have to work from home and everything is starting to open up again as the restrictions ease. At any rate, balancing work and home life is going to be tricky! We are all going to have to get creative with our plans!

Happy family at the start of the summer holidays versus Tom Hanks from Castaway with HELP written in the sand!

So how are you going to survive the summer? My plan? Some arts and crafts activities, a dash of humour and keeping in touch with those who get it! Oh and chocolate …… lots of chocolate! Kids have missed out on so much with the pandemic and we all really need to enjoy these summer months! However this doesn’t mean we have to spend a fortune. Engaging with arts and crafts activities is a great way to spend some quality family time, get creative, have fun and make memories!

Arts and crafts supplies

Well, what are you waiting for??? Lets get creative! Over the summer I will be posting some simple kids arts and crafts activities each week , click HERE to see them!

Did you know that encouraging you child to get creative is a fantastic way to support their education and build their self-confidence? By supporting them to learn through play who knows what new skills they might learn! You never know you might enjoy it too!

Rainbow made from coloured card and cotton wool

If you love to get creative and need any quality supplies at reasonable prices, click HERE to stock up! Don’t forget to share some pictures of your creations too I would love to see them! Above all guys, make sure you have fun!